First of all, thank you for visiting my site.  My name is Jordan Le'Nay and I am a certified Fitness Instructor through the American Council on Exercise, as well as an Integrative Health Coach. I have successfully developed my own low-impact fitness curriculum, as well as a coaching service titled The Wellness Chicas where I partner with a Holistic Nutritonal Therapist to help busy women achieve their highest level of health through fitness and nutrition.

Self-love, self-care, and overall wellness, is my main mission. I have a passion and a hunger for leading people far beyond an hour long workout, and to a place where they are focusing on the many facets of mind-body connection combined with total body health. Within my services I offer accountability coaching, nutritional guidance, and physical workout plans/packages. Additionally, my guidance includes coaching principals that dive into spiritual, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral growth and awareness.

The opposite of depression is creating.p

I am most interested in both the mental and physical aspects of Integrative Health Coaching, and educating others on where the two facets overlap. Being in the fitness world, it's been proven time and time again, that no amount of physical workouts are going to help one both achieve and maintain their goals, if there is no additional time and energy being poured into the mental and emotional aspects that constitute behavioral change. I coach people not towards a temporary fix, but a lifestyle change, and that must begin with a decision to focus on mental health alongside physical health. I am eager to guide you on your journey, while along the way pointing out the multidimensional overlap of overall health and wellness. Together, we can successfully isolate and nurture every single area of your life.  


Whatever changes you are hoping to make, or goals you’re hoping to achieve, I’ll provide you with sound advice and professional guidance every step of the way. 

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